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At Ergospec we value safety, that why we offer high-quality at an affordable price. Trust Ergospec for all of your safety product needs.

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Ergospec has been working since 1991 to offer high-quality safety products for affordable prices. 

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What are safety products and which industries need to utilize them?

Safety products are basically any type of equipment or protective gear that has the purpose of preventing workplace injuries and reducing hazards to your employees. Many industries are required to provide safety products to their workforce. For example, if you are in the construction industry, your workers will need protective gear like hardhats and fall protection. Factory workers may need hearing protection or eye protection, depending on their working environment. Caution tpke and reflective gear can be essential for road workers. Laboratories may need safety products to protect a worker’s eyes, face, hands, or even all of their exposed skin. As you can see, safety products are a must-have for a large percentage of the American workforce.

What is meant by PPE?
PPE stands for personal protective equipment. This is a specific category of safety products that are very important for maintaining the health and well being of your workforce. Personal protective equipment falls within several sub-categories. Some of these safety products are meant to protect the primary senses of your workers, including their eyesight, hearing, respiratory system, and skin. Some prevent injury in the event of a physical accident, such as a fall, broken bone, or head injury. In many cases, head and foot protection are key to preventing serious injuries. The type of PPE you need to protect your workers will depend on your industry and the types of hazards they encounter each day.


How can safety products be used to protect my workers’ feet?

It may surprise you to learn that each year, workers sustain 60,000 foot injuries that prevent them from doing their job. The costs associated with these injuries in medical bills and lost working days from your employees will add up quick. Additionally, injuries like these on the job can reduce employee morale. Foot protection is a necessary type of safety product for many different industries. Any worker on a job site where lifting, moving, or handling heavy objects in any way or where certain types of hazardous terrain must be crossed are at risk for increased foot injuries. While steel-toed boots are one option for foot protection, even if your workers supply their own shoes, a foot guard can be used to effectively prevent injuries. A foot guard is a durable plastic piece that fits over any shoe and will protect someone’s foot if and when an accident occurs. Not only are these safety products versatile, they are also surprisingly affordable.


What types of gloves are considered safety products?

If you think that foot injuries are a problem on the job, the statistics for workplace hand injuries will shock you. In one year, American workers have suffered over 250,000 injuries to the wrist, hand, and fingers. While following safety protocols is paramount to prevent injuries, providing proper safety equipment, like gloves, is equally important. Hands are a primary body part that can be susceptible to workplace injuries. In an instant, serious lacerations can occur. In just moments, your worker could lose a finger. Depending on your industry, employees may be at a higher risk for incurring chemical burns on their fingers or hands. Luckily, a wide variety of gloves are available to effectively protect the hands of your workers. Whether your workforce needs protection from cold, heat, chemicals, or sharp objects, there is a glove that is the perfect fit.


How can I use safety products to protect my employees who work outside?

Outdoor worksites can be particularly hazardous, and this is especially true for workers who are in the path of vehicles while on the job. In fact, over forty percent of road workers who are killed on the job incurred fatal injuries when being struck by a vehicle. To protect your workers, you need to provide not just proper training, but also the right safety products. The primary type of safety products outdoor workers need are reflective clothing. Reflective clothing helps drivers see the workers and avoid accidents even in the daytime. Caution tape can also be used to block off certain areas, and of course, traffic cones and roadblocks can prevent vehicles from entering certain parts of the job site at all. When it comes to the safety of your workers, never cut corners. Get the safety products they need to be well protected while on the job.


What type of work environments should have first aid kits?

Simply put, all types of work environments should have fully stocked and readily accessible first aid kits. In the event of a workplace accident or injury, a first aid kit is the first line of defense. Items like disinfectants, gauze, bandages, and aspirin could literally make the difference between life and death. Be sure to have items related specifically to your industry and the types of injuries that are most likely to occur. Make sure all of your workers know the locations of the first aid kits and how to use the safety products inside. Regularly scheduled first aid training sessions are a great reminder for your workers about proper safety precautions and what to do in case of an emergency. The more prepared they are, the better chance of preventing an accident and then handling it properly if someone does get hurt on the job.


How should I choose a company to supply safety products for my workers?

Safety products are a very important investment in many industries, and you should not trust just anyone to supply them. At ErgoSpec Safety, we provide only top of the line safety products. Each of our products are durable, effective, and affordable, which is the perfect combination for your business. We have been working hard in this industry for three decades and counting, making sure that businesses just like yours across the country have the safety products and equipment they need to minimize risk factors and injuries to their hard-working team members. When you are choosing a supplier for safety products, choose experts who have experience, a variety of products to offer, and quality customer service. We are confident we can provide you with all three.

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